Do you do alterations?

We do not do bridal alterations unless the original dress was made by us. However, we are willing to customise existing dresses by adding decoration or altering the style of the garment

My bridesmaids live too far away for regular fittings. Is this a problem?

For made to measure orders, this will affect the final fit of the garment as we cannot ensure that the original measurements taken will be accurate, especially if they were not taken by us. We will try our best to arrange the fittings around you but we will need adequate time and space in which to ensure the final garment will be correct.

Alternatively, you can order a garment in a standard size that you would buy in the shops. In order to do this, you would still need to send us measurements so that we can allocate the closest dress size to fit. When ordering a garment this way, we do not accept responsibility for the way the garment fits on an individual.

I have already bought the fabric for my order, will you still make my dresses?

Yes we can still make your order. However, a consultation will still be needed as many people do not realise what components go into a final garment. Things such as zips, linings, boning or backing fabrics may need to be purchased on top of your fabric. Also, the fabric may not be appropriate for the garment you require so it would need to be approved by us before your order goes ahead.

How long does it take you to complete my order?

Every order is different so we cannot gauge exactly how long items will take. We can give a guide time but any unexpected issues that arise will affect this. We usually ask when you need to order for, then work out a corresponding deadline that fits in with this. 

What shall I expect during a fitting?

For bridal orders, you should wear the same underwear that you will be wearing on the day as this can greatly affect the final fit of your dress. You should also be thinking about your footwear as the height of your shoes will affect the hem on your dress.

During the first fitting, I will usually fit the basic structure to you. This may not be in the final fabric it will be made in, depending on the complexity of the design. I will also take photos of the way it fits for referencing purposes.

The second fitting will be with the garment in the final fabrics and will possibly have minor adjustments to make. It will also be to confirm your choice of decoration and to decide what fastenings you prefer. 

Any major changes or issues would need to be raised before the final fitting as this will consist of a fitting with a complete and fully decorated garment. It will be to check whether any small alterations need to be done such as hems or moving of decoration. 

What sort of accessories can you make?

Having been trained in props based costume, we can provide most things that you require. This can range from headdresses and handmade bouquets to more elaborate accompaniments such as wings and light up elements.